Club Reporting Sheets

To make the most of your Clubnets website, we recommend you supply results information via our dedicated ‘Results Sheet‘. These can be used for current or old matches so that all stats can be kept up to date and accurate.

Simply click the form, fill in the details and email back to and we will update our records.

This is for your convenience: Feel free to send us information in any way you choose!




PLAYER SPELLINGS: If you choose to supply player details via our ‘Club Registration Form,’ we will use this as the basis for player name spellings. Please ensure these are correct and email us to update if necessary.

ON SUBSTITUTE APPEARANCES: As with all match information, substitution details (times and subbed player) are optional. However, the Clubnets system only records sub appearances when this information is provided.

ON PLAYERS UNDER-18: To ensure we don’t inadvertently publish surnames and photographs of players under the age of 18 without parental permission, please sign the box at the bottom of the ‘Club Registration Form,’ whether or not any players are under 18. By signing you confirm that your club has obtained such publicity permission from parents. Regardless, If the club or any parent is unhappy with the publication of any details please inform us immediately so that we can remove the information.

ON PHOTOGRAPHS: We are always happy to use contributed photographs. By sending us photographs you confirm that you have the right to use them (i.e. you took them or have received explicit permission to use them). Photographs will be labelled as ‘Contributed’ unless you specify a by-line that we need to attach.

We reserve the right not to use photographs for any reason.