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Picture (c) Luca Monza (CSB Basketball Italy)

Thank you to everyone who helped me with my recent event where I took a basketball team from Torquay to Italy on the 4th of December 2016, representing England in the Italian International Streetball Event: GLOWS IN THE DARK!


If you are interested in sponsoring me for future events or in advertising on  my website, please call 07762 906818 or email Neil on Here are some insights on our social media activity:


Insights: Interactivity of previous events photos: 1063 likes 849 likes 121 likes 871 views – 363 likes


Some of the pages where our content has been shared:

Csb Streetball – 9,716 followers (Instagram) 563 followers (Facebook)

Devon’s Finest – 50,674 followers (Instagram) 1,878 followers (Facebook)

Glows in the Dark – 1,041 followers (Facebook). If you look on this page all videos average around 400 views a video!


Our YouTube accounts are very new! We previously had an average of 300 views a video but we’re now pushing 600 and look to an estimate of 1,000-4,000 on our next videos with the following we have built up!
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Clark Agambar Froud