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Marco Favretto Tops January’s Slam Dunk List

Marco Favretto Tops January’s Slam Dunk List

Devon’s Finest have launched our monthly Top 10 Slam Dunks feature and will be hoping to award the top three with cash prizes when we get enough viewers to make the numbers add up!

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Here is the lowdown on the eight dunking superheroes to make the grade this month…

10: LeKeith Ward

At 5’7″, LeKeith isn’t the tallest dunker around but the German-born American dunker defied gravity to sink this 5Foot7 Double Up dunk – talk about a spring. LeKeith has ambitions to become an actor and who would bet against this guy beating the odds to reach his goals?

9. Jordan Southerland

Jordan “Take Flight” Southerland shows off his aerial ability with ‘Jordan’s Wall,’ taking off over three of his buddies to sink this dunk. It should come as no surprise that Jordan has a background in the high jump. From Instagram to City Slam and Dunk Week, Southerland’s profile keeps on going up and up too – expect more from this dude in coming months!

8: Jordan Kilganon

Of course Jordan “Mission Impossible” Kilganon had to make the list with his 360 East Bay handoff dunk. Ontario’s 6’1″ dunking legend first completed a dunk when he was 16 and has just kept on getting better, many of his insane videos going viral. Jordan likes to show off his acrobatics at NBA events and even has his own Wikipedia article – so that is some serious kudos.

7: Guy Dupuy

You know what your mother always said about running around in socks on a bare floor – gotta end in tears. Unless you’re Guy Dupuy of course whose Behind the Back in Socks dunk makes January’s Number 7 spot. Mind you, the footwear did seem to slow Dupuy down compared with his usual breathtaking attack velocity.

6 & 2: Chase Kilganon

They are breeding them up in Canada! No sooner has Jordan started making a name for himself on the dunk scene than younger bro Chase gets in on the act – and he has two inches on Jordan! Chase is featured twice this month with his Hand Off “Between the Legs” Scorpion in at Number 6 (I like the dude with the ball who’s like, ‘right you’re done I’m going for a jog’). Then there’s his insane Upside Down Off dunk – a definite worthy runner-up. What will this guy think of next?

5 & 3: Jonathan Clark

Another double-placer this month is 6’3″ Jonathan Clark, another former track and field athlete whose hobbies include destroying his body with crazy flips, spins and stretches, waiting for his injuries to heal – and then doing it all again. At Number 5, we have Jonathan’s stylish Honey Dip Off Vert – sweet, man! Then, breaking into the top three, we see him at his macro best with a “Backflip 2 East Bay” dunk. Wow…just wow!

4: Dmitry Krivenko

Dmitry “Smoove” Krivenko is a literal dunking God in his native Ukraine and having conquered the East he is rising to global fame with Dunk Elite. Check out his “2 Hand Reverse Windmill” in our Number 4 spot (Giannis Antetokounmpo eat your heart out!)

1: Marco Favretto

And on to our winner, Marco Favretto! Marco hails from Italy and his GameOver 2.0 is a technical masterpiece. We could wax lyrical over this amazing piece of artistry but why not put it in the man’s own words?

“Surely it is the most difficult dunk I have ever done and, personally, I think it is also one of the most difficult ever undertaken in the history of dunk.”

Well, it’s done enough to win you Devon Finest’s first ever Slam Dunk Top 10 contest that’s for sure!

Bring on the next batch, please!

Image Copyright – hugnoi / 123RF Stock Photo