hamidou diallo kentucky wildcats stadium

Who is Hamidou Diallo?

Today we salute the dunking prowess of one of the hottest basketball players from the class of 2017 US college scene – Hamidou Diallo.

Born 31 July 1998, Hamidou Diallo plays for the Kentucky Wildcats – well, at least he is enrolled to the Wildcats and will play next season. The 6’5″ guard turns 19 soon and would have been eligible for the June 22nd NBA draft under the controversial ‘one-and-done’ rule. Brought in in 2006, the rule states that talented players must spend at least a year in college before being eligible for the draft. Diallo has been clever and done a postgrad at Putnam Science Academy before joining the Wildcats in the spring semester but with the team already settled, Diallo sat out the NCAA Division 1 campaign which saw the Wildcats reach the Elite Eight stage before being ousted by eventual tournament winners North Carolina.

Coach John Calipari, master of the ‘one-and-done’ rule, having produced 18 such players in his time at Kentucky, looked like he might see his protege follow Thon Maker into the professional game as a rare ‘none-and-done’ with Diallo rumoured to be a likely second round pick. But Diallo opted to forego the draft for the time being – a move that will give the record NCAA winners a massive boost.

In terms of dunking, Diallo has an awesome leap, is frighteningly athletic and has bags of skill.

Check out the video of Hamidou Diallo showing off his dunking prowess prior to a recent game.


Kentucky’s Rupp Arena Image Released under CC sharealike 3.0 licence. Attributed to Campaigner444