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New Trickshots Videos on their Way!

If you want to see some of the wildest, funniest and jaw-dropping…est dunks and trickshots on the planet then you will love the upcoming videos from Devon’s Finest, Torbay’s own crack team of streetball specialists.

Watch the video below for a taster and then – you know the drill – like, subscribe and share like your life depended on it. And if our trickshots get enough views we will even be throwing in the odd giveaway now and then.

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We will also soon be posting full profiles and photographs for each member of the Devon’s Finest trickshots team on this site so please check back often or at least stay connected on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat so we can keep you updated with the latest news, competition details and videos.

Clark has also founded an international streetball team, the first of its kind from the south west, which competes in both London and across the region. Click here to find out more about Breaking Baskets and click here to find out more about Clark Agambar-Froud.

If you are an athlete or sports professional and would like to appear on a Devon’s Finest trickshots video then Clark would love to hear from you (especially if your talent involves motorbikes!). Click here to find out more about working with Devon’s Finest.

Here’s a video featuring Clark with Plymouth Argyle’s latest signing from Torquay United, Nathan Blissett:

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Finally, click here to advertise on Its Devon’s Finest or to support Clark in another way. There are advertising options from as little as £10 per month if your business wants to reach out to a young, urban trickshots-obsessed demographic. Clark is always on the lookout for T-shirt and video sponsorship, especially when competition time comes around.