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Dunker of the Month for Feb is – Chase Kilganon!

Dunker of the month for Feb is – Chase Kilganon

Devon’s Finest are giving a shout out – plus prizes – to the best of the globe’s slam dunking heroes through our monthly Top Ten run-down.

Congratulations to Chase Kilganon, younger brother of Jordan, for topping the list in February.

You can check out the videos either by clicking on the YouTube icon in the social media bar or by clicking the vid link at the bottom of this page or on the home page. Please take your time to go through to YouTube and subscribe and comment etc. as we need the interaction to continue to give out amazing prizes.

Here is a little snippet about each of the Top Ten this month…

10: Justin Darlington

‘JusFly’ makes his Top Ten debut with this breathtaking piece of acro – a “Roundoff 2 Windmill Dunk.” If that didn’t take the wind out of him then the celebrations afterwards probably did!

9. Jordan Southerland

In at Number 9 for the second month running it’s Jordan. Aiming to say “it’s curtains” to his rivals, Southerland makes full use of the fixtures and fittings in this cool little “Windmill Off Side/Finish Other” trickshot.

8 & 6: Jordan Kilganon

And it’s a double entry for Jordan ‘Mission Impossible’ Kilganon this month. His “Crown” dunk at Number Eight sees him leap to insane heights and then suspend himself from the ring. He enjoyed that one – and so did we! Then, at Number Six Jordan displays awesome aerial ability and co-ordination to slam home his “180 Degree Kilganon 2 Handed” dunk.

7: Dmitry Krivenko & Vadim Poddubchenko

Your challenge is to keep your eye on the ball in this one, called a “Freestyle Double Up X Combo” for obvious reasons. Ukranian sensation Krivenko made last month’s list and teams up with fellow countryman Poddubchenko in this technical feat.

5: Marco Favretto

Marco Favretto was our first winner and makes the top five again with another marvel of timing and technical ability – the “360 Degree Between the Legs Oop.”

4: Jonathan Clark

Another classic acro display from Jonathan places at Number Four. Is there anyone else who could execute this “Backflip 2 Catapult Oop,” with such energy? Would anyone else even try?

3: Guy Dupuy

This dunk is just beautiful to behold as Dupuy puts the ball underneath BOTH legs before arching back and dunking. The “Under Both Off Bounce Off 1” is a worthy entrant into the top three.

2: Loic Moitry

Loic “Slamdunk” Moitry makes an appearance for the first time in the series and hits the runners-up spot. The Frenchman has been perfecting his behind the back moves and this “360 Degree Behind the Back” dunk is simply stunning.

1: Chase Kilganon

Grace, athleticism, creativity – what else can we say about this awesome dunk from Chase Kilganon? Congratulations Chase Kilganon you win this month’s prizes:

A pair of Springuru mkII shoes
+ @itsdevonsfinest t-shirt
+ Trophy

So come on guys, get out there dunking – March is already old and we have a signed NBA jersey that needs a home.

Image Copyright: dotshock / 123RF Stock Photo