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About Clark

About Clark

After playing professional basketball in Portugal, competing alongside NBA stars and international players, Clark ‘Devon’s Finest’ Agambar-Froud took up the urban offshoot sports of ‘dunking’ and ‘streetball’ which mixes up slam dunking with plenty of ball skills, athletics, hip hop music and graffiti art.

Clark has boundless energy and enthusiasm for his sport. On top of his dunking contests he has formed an international team of streetballers under the name ‘Breaking Baskets’ who compete in events in both the South West and London area; he has performed for schoolchildren at Barton Academy and is committed to raise the profile of both basketball and dunking amongst the next generation; he has formed a team of local ‘devon’s finest’ streetball players who go out and about in Torbay filming trick shots for YouTube with the aim of emulating Canadian Kilganon’s viral ‘Best Ever Dunk’ video and collecting Guinness World Records; he has collaborated with various athletes and entertainers on YouTube including Torquay United’s Nathan Blissett and street dance troupe Flawless; he has even found time to represent the Devon Peelers in the local basketball league and helped them to their first win on his debut.

Despite the street-level, urban nature of his sport, Clark Agambar-Froud is a good role model as he has a positive, professional attitude and clearly dedicates his time to perfecting the art of this relatively new sport. He keeps himself in tip top condition by training hard at Figura Gym in Torquay.


In his first dunk competition in Berlin, Clark overcame a number of respected dunkers to win the contest. He continued to be successful, both here and in Europe, winning the Brighton Summer Madness Contest among others. Having amassed a huge following on social media he also went on to win an online street skills competition for New York based .nivo app.

On Sunday 17th January 2016, Clark Agambar-Froud and Joel Henry represented the UK in the Molten Slam Dunk Contest, a four-player dunking competition held in the interval of the BBL (British Basketball League) Cup Final. The contest took place in Birmingham and was televised live by Sky with Clark and Joel up against the Canadian Dunk Elite duo of Jordan Kilganon and Justin Darlington, two of the biggest names on the global dunking circuit. Unfortunately for Clark, he missed his second dunk and didn’t make the final two, Kilganon pipping Darlington for the win.

On 6th March 2016, Clark went on to represent England in the Playground Italia ‘Glows in the Dark’ slam dunk competition in Milan, coming close to a win but finishing second.

During May 2016, Clark’s streetball team Breaking Baskets kicked off their summer tour in Bristol.

On the back of his success and social media profile,  Clark Agambar-Froud was invited to perform at France’s biggest slam dunk exhibition, the ’Art’dunk Show,’ on 21st May 2016. The Art ‘dunk show features the cream of world dunking talent and is respected as a place to go to get your name known globally. The 2016 show featured local dunkers Loic Moitry and Herve Conan. A week later, on 29th May 2016, Clark competed alongside six of the best European dunkers at the Art’dunk Hoops Party contest.

Most recently, Clark has been invited to attend an elite dunking training academy in Morocco, in February, run by French Algerian Kadour Ziani and comprising the world’s best dunkers. Before that, Clark will be taking a team of local dunkers to Italy in December 2016 where they will compete in a popular 3v3 ‘glow in the dark’ competition.

Social Media Profile

On the left hand side of every page you will find links to Clark’s social media profiles and pages including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. You can also connect with Clark via Snapchat (clarkagambar).

Clark has a loyal fan base on Instagram, numbering over 50,000 international followers. Here are some insights from contest posts via Instagram:

Interactivity of previous events photos/videos: 1063 likes 849 likes 121 likes 872 views – 364 likes

In the (Mainstream) Media

As well as having a significant social media following, Clark Agambar-Froud does pop up occasionally in the old school media, including:

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