Best Stats of 2017 for Posted in April

Clubnets has been live for over 8 months now and we are pleased to announce that our April page view statistics on our flagship website ( are looking good!

With 15,916 views in April, we have now passed the 120,000 mark and enjoyed our most popular month of 2017 so far! We are now averaging an audience of 15,542 per month.

If you are an advertiser looking to reach out to the South Devon grassroots sports community then please contact Neil on or call 01803 690928 or 0776 2906818. We have advertising slots from as little as £15 per month with no contracts. For more details, click the link on the menu bar

If you live outside of South Devon (including Plymouth and Exeter) and are interested in running Clubnets websites in your area, please click the appropriate link on the menu bar.

We also have advertising spaces available on our other two websites: and